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About Pawleys Island Specialty Foods

Pawleys Island Specialty Foods is a wholesale food producer based in Pawleys Island, SC. We are the creators and marketers of a popular brand of pimento cheese called Palmetto Cheese, The Pimento Cheese with Soul. Founded in 2006, Pawleys Island Specialty Foods continues to market their product line while identifying new products and assisting them to the marketplace by offering the production resources, distribution channels, sales relationships, and brand marketing expertise.

Pawleys Island Specialty Foods continues to develop new products at Get Carried Away Southern Takeout. It is here that other local products are also featured and range from dips, to cookies, to sauces, and seasonings. Get Carried Away has served as a launching pad for OMG! (Onion Made Goodness) and helps other local brands get their products into the hands of tourists and area visitors that generate demand beyond the local community. There are many low country and southern favorites featured at Get Carried Away with a focus on comfort food and seafood.
Get Carried Away Southern Takeout

Get Carried Away Southern Takeout and Catering

Get Carried Away is a concept that Sassy and Brian devised in 2005.

As owners of the Sea View Inn since 2002, their staff has produced some of the best low country cooking in the form of 3 meals each day for their overnight guests. And many non-boarders and locals have also come by to enjoy a meal and take in the view. Crab Divine, Myrtle's Biscuits, and Seafood Pie have been staples at this Pawleys mainstay.

In 2006, Sassy and Brian launched their product, Palmetto Cheese. It has since become a regional favorite for many food lovers and continues to grow. Since that time, many locals and aspiring cooks have approached the Henrys about how to get their product to market. While the Henrys can offer some direction and counsel, they can now offer that place where entrepreneurs and food lovers can have an outlet for their passions. One of those is Onion Made Goodness (OMG). It is the creation of local Laura Tiller and it is good stuff! And how about Dana Stokes cheese straws? It is a southern favorite and they are delicious! We will have many more new products and look forward to offering them in the near future.

We also know that people love seafood. Particularly the "Low Country Boil". It is an area favorite and the perfect treat to share with the family or group of friends. Each and every summer, Sea View Inn has hosted low country boils for its guests since 2003. Now we want to bring this local favorite to other vacationers and locals. We prepare it hot and ready and you simply serve it at home, at the beach, on the back porch, or on the boat. And pick up a few appetizers to round it out: Vidalia Onion Dip, Palmetto Cheese and Crab Dip, Artichoke Dip, and many others. Easy peazy.

Come check us out. Conveniently located directly across Highway 17 from Pawleys Wine and Spirits. Talk about rounding out your catch! Get Carried Away and see what the new buzz is about.

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